Welcome to the Youth and Family Academy (YAFA). YAFA began operation in September of 1996 through the hard work and dedication of many community members which also included students. The intent is the belief that the combination of school-based, family-centered support services are the keys to success in the education of youth. Combining social services with academic’s compliments and enhances the successful educational experience of each student. Therefore, if you are looking to find a unique way of education, the YAFA is the best option that you have. You will not only learn a lot, but you will have a great time.


We Believe…


All students are individuals and can be successful no matter talented they are.   

The curriculum must be challenging, relevant, engaging, and achievable for all students, that’s why we have created this unique way of educating.

Teaching methods must be innovative and flexible to promote academic growth in order to improve overall quality.

Learning must enhance the development of academic excellence, social adaptation skills, college and career preparation, leadership abilities and civic responsibility. This will prepare you to be independent.

Fostering strong family involvement is necessary to expand the academic achievement and social success of the student, this way people are able to learn at the much faster rate.


  • Opportunity


    YAFA works closely with Pueblo Community College and Colorado State University to provide YAFA graduates with the opportunity to enroll in the college and obtain their undergraduate degrees. Working closely together with this college has been a huge advantage.
  • Scholarships


    YAFA students are being provided with college scholarships through the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation, Pueblo Bank & Trust, Colorado Technical University, University of Phoenix and other scholarship entities. This means that anyone with a little bit of talent can succeed.
  • Assistance


    YAFA will continue to provide assistance to any past students to enhance they’re remaining in and completing college. So, in case you have any issues with education, the YAFA will help you out


Our blog is mainly about how important education is, especially nowadays, where finding a regular job is not easy. If you want to find out more information about the Youth and Family Academy in Colorado, then we recommend that you read this blog.