8 Tips for Preparing for College

Starting college is a huge life change. Chances are it’s your first time living away from home and you’re moving to a new place with new people. There are difficult classes, new clubs, and social activities all fighting for your time and attention. In short, it’s a full lifestyle upheaval. While you’ll need some time to adjust, here are some ways you can prepare ahead of time.

Manage Your Time

Developing your time management skills will help you keep your sanity during your first semester. Write down all your tests and assignments due dates on your calendar, block out time for studying, and write down any other important activities you want to squeeze in.

Get a Job. Or Don’t

Work programs can be great for extra cash or making tuition payments. It can also take a lot time you’d otherwise dedicate to studying. Evaluate your situation seriously before agreeing to take that job.

Get Organized

Don’t leave school shopping until the last minute. Get all the supplies you’ll need for classes and your dorm room. Curating your space can make it a place you want to relax in as well as help alleviate homesickness.

Get to Know the Campus

Many schools offer tours as part of orientation, but don’t hesitate to take a walk around campus to familiarize yourself with the campus. You’ll be happy you did on the first day of classes when you’re starving and know exactly where the dining hall is.

Impress Your Professors

Buy your books and supplies well ahead of time, be early to class, and pay attention. For bonus points, send an email before the first day.

Go to Orientation

It may be enticing to skip out on orientation activities, but you can actually get a lot out of them. You can meet new people and even win cool prizes.

Know Your Resources

Many campuses have tutors, counselors, and career resources available to students for free. There’s no reason to struggle in class when help is so close.

Get Involved

Don’t overload your schedule, but being involved with school activities can be fun and rewarding. Many have recreational sports teams, clubs in all different areas, and Greek Life.

Lastly, relax. Every other freshman will have similar concerns. Beginning college is a new chapter, but it’s also exciting and full of possibilities. Plan, prepare, and take advantage of all the new opportunities coming your way.