Alfonso Gomez  

Boxer from The Contender

Thanks to the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce, the students and families at YAFA were visited by Mr. Alfonso Gomez. At the time of his visit, he was boxing in “The Contender” a very popular show.  He was able to share his advice on what it takes to achieve your dreams. This was a truly motivational speech that our students had the pleasure of listening. We are very thankful for all the good words he said, a lot of our students looked up to him because they saw that there is nothing that you cannot achieve. As long as you work hard, and you are staying dedicated to what you love, you can achieve anything. The students and families were very motivated after talking to him because he had some really interesting and unique stories to tell.

He talked about hard work and dedication which meant keeping himself drug and alcohol-free.  He spoke about how his family was very supportive, especially his father who managed him.  He brought small boxing glove keychains, hats, and photographs which he signed.  In 2008, he started to box professionally.  He was a great inspiration for all present.

Staying clean from any drug or alcohol is one of the main issues that people have these days and to hear a story from a professional boxer about this topic was just great. We think that a lot of our students and families are looking differently now on both drugs and alcohol because those things are there to distract you from your goal. If you stay focused enough and you do what makes you happy, then you will definitely achieve that goal of yours. If you were looking to find an inspirational person in your life, then Alfonso is definitely on the top of that list because entire life is inspiring, you just have to be there to understand.